The 7th of October: The Meeting for the World Day for Decent Work (WDDW)

The Meeting for the World Day for Decent Work organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region is to take place on the 7th of October, 2013 in 15.30 on the square at “Yubileiny” Sports centre (Pr. Dobrolyubova 18).

The participants of the action will call the authorities and employers for the social justice and decent jobs for all. They will call for decent pay and elimination of unemployment, for professional training and the first work place guarantee and for the insurance-based pension system reform.

Among the slogans carried that day by the union activists of various enterprises and organisations there will be: “Full-time Employment Makes Strong Economy”, “Pay Increase to Go Ahead of Price Increase”, “Don’t Be a “Grey” Salary Hostage, Call for Full Pay”, “OFF the Labour Leverage Slavery”.

The slogans and posters will also read some regional demands such as “Equal Pay to Equal Labour Value”, “Salary Raise for Federal Public Employees”, “Qualified Personnel Training to Be State Controlled”, “Alive Countryside makes Russia Alive”, “Labour Migration Get Controlled”, “Social Benefits for All”.

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